Quantopian Entry Level Position: Community Support

Boston, MA Full-time

Quantopian's community of 120,000 members needs a smart, enthusiastic, code-savvy person to help them learn the Quantopian platform and write investment algorithms. Can you help?

Job Overview

Quantopian is teaching thousands of technical, skilled people (quants) from around the world to write high-quality trading algorithms using Quantopian's platform. We need someone to help these quants, provide technical support, and otherwise keep the community happy and productive. You will provide help almost entirely online, through email and our community forums. You will code algorithms, explore data in our research environment, explain concepts, clarify the usage of the API, and help debug algorithms. You will also help with our marketing, content creation, feature design, and more. The community is the core of our company, and we always want the community represented in our company decisions.

The Opportunity

At Quantopian, community support is a stepping-stone into other roles in the company. Many members of the management team have held the community support role at some point. Our support team works closely with every part of the company. You will participate in product management, development, operations, fund operation, and marketing while supporting the community. As you become more experienced you will have the opportunity to grow within Quantopian. After 12-18 months, you will have the option to transition to another role within the company.



  • You need the ability to get things done - a killer instinct for solving problems, completing tasks, and moving on to the next one.
  • Your friends and colleagues should describe you as independent and reliable.
  • You thrive in a team environment that is changing and improving every day.
  • You listen carefully and hear both what the customer is saying, and what they aren't saying. You need empathy and intuition.
  • You write articulately and explain complex concepts and processes clearly.
  • You are a trouble shooter and a problem solver. Many of the questions we get are novel and require creative solutions.
  • You must have some coding knowledge or experience. We've had great success with people who minored in computer science, but haven't yet worked as a developer full-time.


  • Knowledge and experience writing Python.
  • Knowledge and experience using pandas in Python.
  • Knowledge of the finance industry, particularly quant finance.

What You'd Do

  • Respond to community questions via email support and online chat.
  • Be active daily in the community forums, answering questions and moderating posts.
  • Help to write and update documentation and tutorials as the product evolves
  • Write occasional blog and forum posts about algorithms, programming, finance, education, and other relevant topics.
  • Help write, produce, and send community email messages including new member welcome emails, monthly newsletters, and manage the monthly contest.
  • Analyze usage data, and then create, plan, and launch initiatives to grow our community. 
  • Join our after-hours support rotation. The current rotation is one week of responsibility alternating every other week, with an average of less than one issue per week.
  • What you can't do, unfortunately, is write your own algorithms for the Quantopian Open, write your own algorithms for an allocation from Quantopian, or run your own algorithms, on or off Quantopian's platform. In this support role community members will choose to share confidential code with you so that you can help debug their errors. To avoid even the appearance of impropriety, you are not eligible to submit your own algorithms for consideration.